Dr.eBase is the Content Management System (CMS) that was developed by BERLOTH.NET and is the backbone for most of the website that are created by BERLOTH.NET.

At BERLOTH.NET we use Dr.eBase to simplify and speed up the development of data driven websites, making the development of those websites more cost efficient. This enables us to create custom made, pixel perfect websites  at lightning speed. 

When we are ready, the webmaster of the newly developed website uses Dr.eBase to maintain the data for the website. Many webmasters use Dr.eBase every day.

Dr.eBase differs from other CMS's in a number of ways:

  1. Usage is stunningly simple
  2. Dr.eBase does not 'think in pages', but just data
  3. The structure of the database is always custum made. Therefore data never needs to be squeezed into a standard format. 
  4. All kinds of structured data can be imported into Dr.eBase
  5. Dr.eBase does not only manage the content for the website, but can also provide data for news letters, or printed media. 

However, we're sorry you can't buy Dr.eBase anywhere. It's can only be used for free on websites that were built by BERLOTH.NET. Luckily, it's easy to convert any website to a Dr.eBase website.

Want to see Dr.eBase in action?

 Contact us if you want to know more about Dr.eBase or converting your current website to Dr.eBase. 


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